Following are the seven categories for the Wine Blog Awards. To be eligible, a blog must have posted consistently and frequently during the preceding year, which means approximately 24 or more times over the preceding 12 months, with two exceptions:

  1. Best New Wine Blog, which must have been established no earlier than one year prior to the start of the nomination period.
  2. Best Blog Post of the Year, which is focused on a singularly exceptional piece of work within a blog.

Industry wine blogs (those promoting a winery or other wine industry business) are only eligible for the Best Winery/Industry Wine Blog category. All other categories are reserved for Citizen Wine Bloggers, defined as those not promoting a winery or other wine industry business.

Best Blog Post of the Year

This award is for outstanding examples of feature writing on a wine blog. The award winning post might address industry issues, wine travel, personality profiles or any other aspect of wine. However, the judging criteria will focus on  quality of the writing, the expression of the blogger’s unique voice, and insightful description by the writer.


  1. Should be a single post (or single story broken into multiple posts for readability) written within the past year from the opening of the nomination period and expressing a unique point of view about wine, life related to wine, or another wine-related experience.
  2. Should be a distinguished example of quality blog writing that conveys an original and insightful exploration of a wine-related topic.
  3. Grammar and punctuation count.

Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog


  1. Should present a compelling visual experience for readers using original graphics, photography, or works of art, both throughout the site format and in individual posts.
  2. Should have made an extra effort to present its subject matter in a highly visual and graphic manner that is both entertaining, educational, and thought provoking.

Best Winery/Industry Wine Blog


  1. Should have done an outstanding job of using the blog format to convey the unique nature of a particular wine industry business.
  2.  Should have used the blog to create a more intimate connection between consumers and the winery or business.
  3. This is the only category open to industry blogs; all other categories are only open to Citizen Wine Blogs.

Best Single Subject Wine Blog


  1. Should have as the focus of the blog a single, relatively narrow subject such as a country, a single appellation, a single varietal or type of wine, retailing, wine tourism, one aspect of the business of wine or any other narrow focus that seeks to consistently illuminate that specific single subject.
  2. Should demonstrate a command of, or expertise in, the single subject upon which it focuses.
  3. Should be among the best sources of information in any genre for information on the chosen subject matter.

Best Writing on a Wine Blog


  1. Should put the English language to great use.
  2. Should write with a demonstrably original voice that conveys a personal style.
  3. Should consistently demonstrate a command of the English language to convey original, insightful and entertaining messages.

Best New Wine Blog


  1. Should have the first blog entry posted no earlier than one year before the nomination period begins.
  2. Should have already made or show potential to make an impact on the worlds of wine or wine blogging via its reporting, writing, number of followers, etc.
  3. Should present a credible appearance as a serious new entry in the realm of wine blogging, based on graphics, title, depth of posts, etc.

Best Overall Wine Blog


  1. Should continually produce entertaining and educational information.
  2. Should contain well-written prose and well produced posts.
  3. Should demonstrate independent and original ideas and insights.
  4. Should be of such high quality overall it can compete with any other wine information resources in any other medium.
  5. Should be able in its overall form, content and presentation to advance the reputation of the wine blogging genre.
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