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Nominate Now: Best New Wine Blog

by Allan on April 1, 2010

Please nominate a blog for this award by adding a comment below. Criteria: 1) Should have the first blog entry posted sometime during the applicable period of the current awards year. No minimum number of posts is required. 2) Should have already made or show potential to make an impact on the worlds of wine or wine blogging via its reporting, writing, number of followers, etc. 3) Should present a credible appearance as a serious new entry in the realm of wine blogging, based on graphics, title, depth of posts, etc.

  • Mary

    I nominate JohnOnWine . John has an incredible amount of wine knowledge and a great sense of humor. I always enjoy reading his blogs!

  • gretchen


  • gretchen

    Alder — Vinography — best of the best!

  • gretchen

    Sorry didn't mean to vote twice

  • Chris

    Winethropology is the best, Lee's got the right idea… all around best blog indeed! Not only does it consistently deliver great, useful info but that SteveO is one funny shwantz!

  • payne

    I vote for “alongpour” Wayne is a great writer, loves wine and loves California..

  • Christian is definitely my top pick in 2010! Megan rocks the wine world with her charming and approachable attitude! Cheers

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  • Tom

    I like Vine Art, for new wine blog.

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  • tkoby11

    The Best New Wine Blog is:

  • Beth Oness


    Erudite––best writing!

  • John
  • Serena

    It's not a wine blog but I came across this new whisky blog which I quite like

  • Ryan O'Connell

    Thanks, Donna. You'll get tons of street cred one day for this visionary nomination ;D hehe

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  • Wine eBook

    So many good wine blogs to read…

    all about wine and producer:

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