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Nominate Now: Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog 2011

by Allan on May 25, 2011

Please nominate a blog for this award by adding a comment below. Criteria: 1) Should have wine reviews as the primary content on their blog. 2) Should consistently deliver insightful and well-presented wine reviews.

3) Should have made an extra effort to use wine reviews to educate their readers. 4) Should heighten the reputation of the wine blogging genre for providing excellent consumer advice.

  • Kori314

    I'd like to nominate  Great reviews, food pairings and in-depth info on each wine, winery, region, harvest, etc.

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  • Dale Cruse

    Are you the author?

  • pmabray
  • Steve Paulo

    Thanks, Paul!

  • Sarah
  • Tom Wark

    Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog:
    Good wine under $20: http://www.goodwineunder20.blogs

  • K. Schlachter

    I second

  • Jennifer Turner

    Superb layout, interesting wines for  change, doesn't take it all too seriously and great writing

  • Kerri0
  • Roger

    Thank you, Tom!

  • Wayne Kelterer

    Steve Paulo
    While he doesn't review as many as some (and I hope in time he will), he writing and notes are beautiful, coherent, and he hasn't dumbed them down. At the same time, Steve is hilarious and pushing boundaries. I fear he will be over-looked, but he shouldn't be.

  • Steve Paulo

    Thanks for the kind words, Wayne!

  • Kori314

    No.  I'm the Chef.

  • Billy Cripe

    I nominate The Wine Cask Blog. They have been around since 2004 and focus exclusively on reviews. A great combination of perspectives from the three authors.

  • 1WineDude

    Wow – thanks, guys, VERY kind of you!

  • Fredric

    Thanks, Kerri0 …..

    Fredric Koeppel http://www.biggerthanyourhead….

  • Wines

    This got only reviews and they are decent. Tumbs up for

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  • goodgrape
  • Deborah

    I want to nominate:

  • Sirroger
  • Winogirl_fl

    I nominate She writes at least one wine review each week. Mostly domestic though.

  • K. Schlachter
  • Danpetroski

    I want to nominate:

  • lyletosch
  • JOJO
  • Ruth


  • Domelgabor is a good candidate: informative, thorough and detailed

  • Lavender Easy to understand, whilst also in-depth wine reviews.

  • L Kleinpeter

    Wine Curmudgeon blog…. Doesn't get more consumer than that.

  • John Kafarski

    I nominate The Wine Culture Project.

  • allanwright

    Got this nomination by email from someone having difficulty posting:

    I would like to nominate for best wine reviews on a wine blog award.

    Many thanks

    Meaghan O'Kane

  • Markus Stolz Jason has been working the trenches for some time – always honest, just delivering his views. Kudos to him.

  • WineWonkette

    Wannabe Wino's Wine Blog. It's all about reviews! Easy to understand, well written, Sonadora is an unsung hero of the Wine Blogger wine reviews!

  • suburbanwino

    I don't care if they're closed.  Squeeze in Benito's Wine Reviews: http://wine-by-benito.blogspot

    I always learn something, it's never smarmy, and it makes me hungry, because he's sharp enough to bring food into the mix with the wine/beer/spirit reviews.

    I'm hungry now.

  • Sonadora

    Thanks Amy :)

  • Fatherandsonblog

    21st June – where's the voting shortlist, guys?

  • 1winedude

    Word is there is/was one judge “straggler” whose votes are late & are holding up the process.  No ETA that I'm aware of yet.

  • WineWonkette

    He's probably waiting on your check to clear ;)

  • 1winedude

    HA!!!  Very small checks sometimes do raise suspicion so might get held up in processing…

  • Robert hopper

    The best wine reviews I have ever read were those by the former reviewers at the Wall Street Journal. I cannot recall their names, but they were a married couple, he white and she black. If anyone knows where they are writing now, please let me know. Their reviews were right to the point and on target. They did not hesitate to call it like it is. If a wine or group of wines (California Chardonnay comes to mind), wasn’t measuring up, they would give you their frank opinion. Their blind tastings were the best.