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Nominate Now: Best Winery Blog

by Allan on April 1, 2010

Please nominate a blog for this award by adding a comment

below. Criteria: 1) Should have done an outstanding job of using the blog format to convey the unique nature of a working winery. 2) Should have used the blog to create a more intimate connection between consumers and the winery.

  • 1WineDude
  • lisamattson

    Joe, I wondering if would be a stronger candidate for best writing? I may nominate him there.

  • 1WineDude

    Thanks for the clarification – that blog link on BDSL is the one that I had intended. Cheers!

  • Christine
  • Corey Liebig

    I nominate

  • brooke blecher

    I am nominating Cheryl Durzy, VP of Clos LaChance for her blog, While all blogs are about the wine industry, she covers a wide array of topics from distributor issues, shipping concerns, personnel issues and of course, customers. Her blogs are witty and well written and always make me laugh. As someone who is not in the industry, I am always learning something.

  • Roland Dumas
  • goodgrape
  • winebratsf

    This is tricky because, I think for content, Tablas Creek is amazing, but how bout best newcomer? Then it's Jordan Winery for sure.

  • lisamattson

    Thanks, Thea. We appreciate the compliment. It will be another year before we qualify for this category. Best New Wine Blog is our only possibility in 2010. I agree that what Jason does at Tablas Creek is amazing.

  • Annie Lau

    I would like to nominate Laura Gray's blog from for this award. Not only does she provide news on the winery but information on Brunello wine culture itself and humorous but true stories and adventures on life around Montalcino.

  • Russ Kane

    Mandola Estate Winery

    During the past year they changed from a static webpage format and implemented a blog format that can be updated regularly with new releases, events, comments and consumer comments and suggestions.

  • Sip with Me
  • davetong

    My favourite winery blogs are
    Clos Lachance:

  • davetong

    And how could I forget Martin Ranch:

  • Vinogirl

    Frogs Leap

  • Ryan Opaz
  • sonomawineguy

    I nominate the 2009 Winery Blog of the Year Award winner, Michel Schlumberger for their Benchland Blog, Not just one voice of the winery, all of the voices of the winery.

  • michael grisley

    Quevedo: One of only a handfull of Portuguese wineries blogging, I think Oscar's youth and enthusiasm have a way of capturing anyone's attention, no matter your interest level in wines or your age.

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  • ethralls
  • Jeremy Parzen and for delivering fresh voices from Montalcino during a year when a lot was said about Montalcino but not many there had the courage to share what life and winemaking are like there…

  • Hardy / Dirty
  • Hardy / Dirty

    Jordan is killing it right now! Great content, amazing video.

  • jennachateauvert – Great job with explaining the day to day behind the scenes winery life. – Excellent integration of various forms of social media (articles, video, tweetups, etc.). Very interactive.

  • Wayne Kelterer

    I nominate my friends at Tablas Creek. Jason Haas does a brilliant job brining Tablas Creek to those who cannot visit the site in the flesh.

    Wayne Kelterer
    Owner/Writer of

  • Amanda

    I think Michel-Schlumberger's Benchland Blog is excellent!

  • John Corcoran

    I nominate for Best Winery Blog…great use of video, image and narrative

  • Johan Schwartz

    I nominate Kumkani Winery for best winery Blog.
    Insightful and very interesting articles

  • benkearney

    I nominate Scott Paul Winery for best winery blog. Very informative and useful information.

  • Jeff

    I nominate Scott Paul winery.

  • Chipco

    I nominate Scott Paul Wines. Great info, very informative!

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  • Christine

    I nominate Willamette Valley Vineyards.

  • andreajohnsonphoto

    I nominate Scott Paul Winery – One of the most comprehensive wine blogs in the wine industry, written with humor and candid openness, integrating video, photos, podcasts, and industry news.

  • Peaches

    I really enjoy reading the Cima Collina blog by Annette Hoff.

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  • Wine Harlots

    I nominate the Lange Twins.
    The website and the blog are beautifully done, great content of the wineries products and supporting the local Lodi community. Wine Harlots are total fangirls of the Lange Twins.

  • Johan

    I nominate Arniston Bay Wines Blog for Best Winery Blog

  • Johan

    I nominate Douglas Green Wines' blog for the Best Winery Blog

  • Lindsey

    I nominate Del Rio Vineyards's Wine Blog for the Best Winery Blog.

  • Steve

    The Windsor Vineyards blog. Informative and entertaining.

  • Sir Rah

    I believe that many of you have mistyped this website:

  • Sky_King

    I also wish to cast my vote for the Scott Paul Blog above. Scott has a way of writing with real passion and enthusiasm. By using a combination of pictures and words he really makes you feel like you are there with him, savoring every bite of delicious food and every sip of fine wine. You can tell through Scott's writing on his Blog that he really means it and isn't using the blog in a one-dimensional, purely commercial interest. I also think that Scott's blog is very educational. His pictures of the vineyards and descriptions of his producers give us a personal and up close view of the vintners and terroirs which make up his eclectic, well selected portfolio. I have learned a lot about Burgundy and Oregon just by having the pleasure of reading this Blog. Overall, this is everything a good wine blog should be…interesting, informative, educational, personal and passionate. Go Scott Paul! SKG Bellevue, WA

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