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  • VineSleuth

    Wow! I am thrilled to be nominated in the Best New Wine Blog category, but the url listed is incorrect and will send you to another blog of mine which is quite different than VineSleuth or VineSleuth Uncorked, my wine site.

    The correct url is:

    How can I get this changed on the chart?

    Thanks for your help! I’m really enjoying checking out all these posts and more than a few new-to-me sites.

  • Joel V

    I will change it right now. Thanks and Congrats!

  • Monique

    Thank you so much for nominating so many times!  What a thrill and such an honor!  Monique Soltani:)

  • ilona

    Thank you for nominating and individual posts there! I’m delighted and moved. -Ilona

  • William Allen

    can we perhaps clean up the format, to alphabetical or something?

  • Beau

    Nice to be nominated, not sure why though. Some awesome blogs on that list. Good luck to everyone.

  • Joel V

    Once the submission process is over we will arrange the list by category and alphabetical. Unfortunately there is no way to setup the form to allow user sort and filter capability – it has to be done on the back end.

    I’ll put it on the list of improvements for next year!

  • lisamattson

    Thanks for the nominations! Honored to be with such great company. 

  • Eric Mc

    I’d be happy in the top 1000 list – Thanks!

  • lisamattson

    How many nominations does a blogger need to be considered? Just one or more?

  • Joe Becerra

    I remember the old days when just a handful of blogs were nominated. This is impressive so far. Also, not the same old, same old nominations.

  • maurice dimarino

    A lot of great blogs, honored to be nomintated among them. It’s all about having fun! Thanks, good luck and cheers to all of you that spend those extra hours of day following your passions.

  • Georges Meekers

    I thank whoever for having submitted Georges Nose Knows , or More importantly, I really enjoyed discovering some great other sites. Who again said that blogging was dead?!

  • Jean Wilson

    There is some stiff competition up there – good luck to all. Each of you deserve to win!

  • Cindy Rynning

    Wow! I’m so honored to be in the company of these truly amazing blogs- thank you! Cindy

  • Julie

    What a big list!!! when will publis be able to vote?? website said 10 May. How do the public vote?

  • Joel V

    There is a delay of probably a week. Will announce finalists soon!!

  • Paul Watts

    Why the delay??P