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  • allan

    Boxwood does a great job of keeping readers up to date with what is happening in the winery throughout the year. Not just with events and awards but they spend a lot of time talking about the vines, harvest and winemaking process.

  • Joe T

    Dana Peno is always keeps the community whether its in NY or in Italy up to date with whats gong on in the wine industry.  I always look forward to reading her blogs.

  • Joel V

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  • Quirine

    Blog from the 3 Wijngekken always very interesting to read with a nice touch of humor but very sincere in their reviews! Their site is so complete I comment it to everyone who likes wine!

  • Mark (M&T Smoked Products) has always written exemplory reviews of Wines, Wineries and many different Foods that Pair with specific wines from around the world and locally. The pictures on the Blog are always very origional and well centered towards what is being written. about about.

  • Joel V

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    courtney Rich from has the best blogs. She is original and always gives great pairings and short story that relates to the wine post!!

  • Brad

    Pull the Cork has to win, everyone reading this needs to check it  out, I can’t believe how much fun this guy makes wine blogging.

  • Deedszoe

    Best single subject wine blog

  • Joel Blazer

    I personally think is one of the funniest wine blogs around. They get very little recognition because they take wine (well,) not as seriously as so many others.

    It filled with wit, sharp writing, and moreover great interviews with well known personalities in the wine world

  • Joel Blazer

    woops sorry, below link meant to say http://www.12× – funny funny funny stuff – see for yourselves

  • Alan T

    The Wine Cellar Insider for their constant Bordeaux coverage and being the first source with the scoop on the Robert Parker V Antonio Galloni law suit

  • Art

    Stay Rad is clever, pithy, educational, and outright entertaining. Accolates to Jeff S!

  • Steve Busch

    New Hampshire Wine-man combines quality reviews and great photos. Best in Photo category.

  • peter t

    nhwineman captures the essence of the wines in his reviews with wit and great insight. His photographs are worth a look by all – even non vino lovers

  • traci

    No other wine blog compares to
    It is always interesting, diverse in it’s subject matter, and entertaining. One feels close with the blogger, like you’ve shared and enjoyed a bottle together.

  • Pennsylvania Vine Co

    There should be a category for best humorous blog post, as it doesn’t really seem fair to compare serious posts with funny ones. And funny movies never win best picture….

  • jeffisrad

    Thank you, Art.